Alpha Centauri: Mars Edition

Welcome to the Alpha Centauri: Mars Edition homepage. On this site, you'll find the proposal for an Alpha Centauri add-on pack created by the Mars Society, lists of volunteers and people needed, feedback from visitors and some information about the pros and cons of creating an add-on pack.

News (21/10/98): Volunteers list updated, and formal game proposal will be online soon.

News (13/10/98): One more storyline installment, and the volunteers list updated again.

News (11/10/98): Storyline installments are now being added. These installments will probably be those used in the actual game novella. Feel free to comment on them. Volunteers list updated.

The Alpha Centauri: Mars Edition proposal

Volunteers and people needed


Pros and cons of an add-on pack

Preliminary factions and storyline

Actual game storyline installments

Why a world-encompassing turn-based game? Why not...?


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