Volunteers and people needed

Project co-ordinator: Adrian Hon
Copywriting support: Michael Hicks
Programmer: Bill Roman
Art and game design: Bill Brennan
Programmer and game design: Leigh Griffiths
Storyline writer: Meredith Patterson

As you can see, while the project is at an early stage, we still need a few more volunteers. Particular skills that will be needed are:

Bios of volunteers:

Adrian Hon: Adrian is an experienced 2D graphics designer, using packages such as CorelDraw 8, and also is a proficient writer, having won the Mars Society Hakluyt prize and written several short stories. He is also the Chair of the Mars Society Youth Outreach program, and is currently construction a 'Generation-Mars' website. Adrian is also the Managing Director of Eurisko, a Young Enterprise Company.

Michael Hicks: Michael Hicks brings 10 years of experience in marketing & fulfillment operations for the magazine publishing industry to the project.  Among the many titles that he's worked are "Internet World" magazine as well as the "Analog" and "Asimov's" science fiction digests.  In 1992, Mike won the award for "Best Gamemaster" at DEFCON, the largest gaming convention in New Jersey for fans of strategy & role-playing games at that time.  He currently lives in Connecticut with his wife and their two sons, where he is Connecticut Chapter Coordinator for the Mars Society.

Bill Roman: Bill Roman cut his programming teeth in 1979 on his TRS-80 writing games in Basic and assembler. He has 11 years professional software development experience, from AI and simulations to databases and accounting systems. Bill is a gamer who plays Civ II, Quake II, and Starcraft currently. He has read Zubrin's book and has finally begun reading "Red Mars".  Bill is a member of both the Mars Society and the National Space Society. He currently lives and works in northern Virginia with his wife and their two children.

Leigh Griffiths: I am 28 year old designer and artist for Interactive Studios Ltd (a computer game developer based in Leamington Spa) and I have recently completed work as mission designer for WarGames: Defcon 1 on the Sony PlayStation. I am currently Design Co-Ordinator on a brand new original game, conceived and developed in-house by Interactive Studios staff. I have always considered myself to be a very conceptual and artistic person who enjoys a good computer game, so I guess I have really found my niche in life!!

I have strong interests in writing, and science fiction with a video collection to rival most video rental stores! I have also been interested in space travel and exploration for many years but have never been able to give the subjects the attention I felt they deserved. I hope to remedy this by being able to combine some of my favourite subjects into one project with the AC:ME proposal. I offer any services I can and bring over a year's experience of the computer game industry to the project, as well as a good knowledge of concept, design and storyline development.

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