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It'd occurred to me that for people to get involved with the Mars Society, they have to understand why we want to go to Mars, and what Mars could mean. Making people understand is one of the hardest things you have to do, and it can be done by more ways than just writing books and making speeches. Science fiction stories by H. G. Wells and Jules Verne inspired a generation of scientists to work and dream of travel to the stars. Perhaps stories of Mars will do the same to inspire a new generation. In the information age, not only stories but interactive games can inform and teach people - at the moment I'm working on an expansion pack for Alpha Centauri which will be based on a realistic scenario set on Mars. Check the links at the bottom if you're interested.

I'd certainly not class my stories as anywhere near as good as the authors I mentioned, but I'd been looking for topics on which to write for a short story, and a mission to Mars seemed pretty appropriate.


Stars in the Sky - August 1998

I wrote this story shortly after attending the Mars Society Founding Convention, and this story reflects some of things I felt at the time, when I tried to explain to people what the point of the Mars Society was. This is certainly the worst-case scenario for the Mars Society, and the colonisation of Mars, but it also addresses the problems the Mars Society will face in the future.

Pax Ares - September 1998

This story is in the process of being rewritten. It takes place in the same 'universe' as Stars in the Sky but several hundred years on. It began life as 'The Importance of Memories' but when I used the phrase Pax Ares, it gave me a completely new idea. Expect this story to be online fairly soon.

Alpha Centuari: Mars Edition storyline - constant development

I'm spending most of my writing time working on this storyline, which is looking to be pretty good. It describes the scenario of the game, and also offers a view of how things might work out in the future. The storyline is written in a free-roaming narrative that shows everyone's point of view - I was extremely impressed with how the writers of Elite 2 did this, and I feel that a good, credible storyline is an integral component of any game.


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