In the spirit of the meaning of Eurisko, our products will discover new levels of innovation, quality and value. Our flagship product, the Eurisko GCSE Study Guide, will meet all these expectations.

The Eurisko GCSE Study Guide CD - 'The First GCSE Study Guide CD written by students, for students'

GCSE study guides have been published before on CDs, but they have never been produced by students. Eurisko will be able to approach the creation of a GCSE study guide from a completely different direction than from other companies, as students who have taken the exams who know exam technique and exactly what you do need, and don't need, to make the grade. CD-ROM revision guides that have already been released contain large amounts of unneccessary and unhelpful information to students - Eurisko's CD will only contain relevant and necessary information.

Utilising the CD as a medium will make the study guide easily accessible, interactive and a powerful tool as both a reference guide and a revision guide. The massive amounts of data a CD can store means that we can pack many features in. It will also allow us to include detailed and informative diagrams to supplement the text. Also, the relatively inexpensive nature of CDs will allow us to keep the price down and ensure that we give the customer good value for money.

Another first for the Eurisko GCSE Study Guide is that it will contain three different subjects, all on one CD, unlike other CD study guides which are limited to one subject alone. Each of the guides for the different subjects will be written by students who have gained the highest grade possible, A*s, in them. Moreover, the entire text of the CD will be approved by teachers from Birkenhead School, so that it will be as up to date and accurate as possible.

Estimated date of release: Mid-November. Orders will be accepted and the price will be announced soon on the website.


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